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Heidi Klum turns 50: Biggest T-shirts and hearts in Model Mom and Money Machine

Heidi Klum turns 50: Biggest T-shirts and hearts in Model Mom and Money Machine

“I don’t know them,” Karl Lagerfeld once teased Heidi Klum. But even without the fashion czar, Heidi Klum appeared on the cover, making herself a brand and model mom. Heidi Kaulitz has been 50 since June 1st — and she’s still a money machine that makes money, even if it fails.

Lots of hard work, lots of glamor, and lots of cleavage: Heidi Klum may never have been the prettiest or most famous supermodel in the world, but she has managed her career more skillfully than the so-called supermodels, from whom you hardly hear anything at the age of 50.

Hans, Franz and Heidi – an unbeatable team

Not only is Heidi famous for herself, but also for her Hans and Franz breasts, which she regularly displays as prominently as herself, and most recently, for example, on the red carpet in Cannes. In a yellow nightmare by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, she “happened” to have a nipple flash, which may have been totally unexpected, if not entirely calculated.

In addition to the gorgeous view of her breasts, the dress also had a slit that hit the hips and huge side panels that made Heidi flop like wings. A dress that’s like Klum’s life motto: It might be a little more than that, even if good taste suffers as a result.

Blondes, hallelujah

Klum’s career did not start under the best of circumstances, but the woman from Bergisch Gladbach made her not only silver, but also gold. The daughter of a chemist and hairdresser was discovered by another blonde of all people – Thomas Gottschalk. He organized a model competition in 1992 – Heidi won.

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Victoria’s Secret gave Heidi wings

Instead of going to Paris, where the star of many German supermodels like Claudia Schiffer grew up, Heidi graduated from high school and then fled to the United States. There she took off with Victoria’s Secret wings as one of the famous Angels. At the time, the brand’s lingerie models were still pulling everyone off their couch chairs.

What cemented Heidi’s fame in the long run, however, was her commercial talent. Models retire early, but the 50-year-old only took off when her former competitors had already retired. In June 2009, German Vogue dedicated an entire issue to the 36-year-old – Heidi Khalsa in 140 pages.

Model mom with money

In the US, Heidi has directed “Project Runway” for 16 seasons, and “Germany’s Next Top Model” has been working on ProSieben since 2006. At first she was part of the jury, she tore up the entire show. Today, the successful format is called “Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum”, and for years the winners have also been signed by Heidi Gunther Klum’s father. For the past three years, Heidi has also had a streaming fashion show with her former Project Runway co-star Tim Gunn.

But Heidi has also used her name to embellish jewelry and clothing collections, including Lidl, perfumes — and even sweets, as strange as it may sound. Their total wealth is estimated at 130 million euros.

Horny horror for Halloween

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Heidi also remains a constant point in the USA. Every year she invites you to her famous “Halloween party” – and buzzes about her fabulous costumes on social media weeks before the event. Whether you’re a 90-year-old worm, Shrek’s Princess Fiona or Jessica Rabbit – no costume is too complicated or too expensive for Heidi – and the whole world is reporting on her costume adventures.

Happy Birthday: Heidi Klum! We’re 50!

Criticism hits the tough businesswoman and marketing lady – even if it doesn’t stop for years. The image of the woman she conveys in “GNTM”, for example, has caused live topless protests by FEMEN and demonstrations. The show is still a hit, now with plus-size models in the cast. And Karl Lagerfeld? His harsh criticism of not knowing her increased Heidi’s fame.

Voting volatility, the highest profit

What can’t Heidi do? Sing for example. But she does it over and over again – and makes a lot of money with it. The word golden throat can be interpreted in several ways. With the Christmas song “Wonderland” it entered the German charts in 2006, and in 2021 the song is back again. In 2007, she performed on the Victoria’s Secret show in a duet with her then-husband Seal (60).

With Snoop Dogg she sang “Tea Tea”, with her husband Tom Kaulitz (33), after all a former teen music star at the Tokyo Hotel, she also sang the song at the GNTM finale. Technology is Heidi’s best friend, because her tender voice needs all the support it can get. But the critical success seems to prove Heidi here, too, even if the critics have their ears bleeding.

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Lion mom Heidi and her children

It doesn’t matter how long Heidi stays at work – the offspring are already taken care of. Even if GNTM winners can’t hold a candle to her success, her daughter is trying. Lenny (* 2004), Heidi’s daughter from her affair with Formula 1 director Flavio Briatore (73), is already rocking the podium with success.

And who knows what will happen to Heidi’s children with Seal and Henry (* 2005), Johan (* 2006) and Lou (* 2009)? The public doesn’t know that, because you have to give Heidi one thing: As much as she pushes into the public eye, she keeps her kids out of the way and doesn’t hesitate to secure their privacy with lawyers. Lenny was also unknown until the daughter herself decided to step into the spotlight.

Heidi Klum with daughter Lenny at Harper's Bazaar Global Icons Portfolio and Bloomingdale's 150th Anniversary event in New York in 2022

Heidi Klum with daughter Lenny at Harper’s Bazaar Global Icons Portfolio and Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary event in New York in 2022.