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MSI MEG-Ai Power Supplies: Three times the highest power levels due to future graphics cards

peak loadThe next generation of GPUs will likely present a real challenge to today’s power supplies. Even the current GeForce RTX 30 series isn’t entirely without problems here, eh players Recently mentioned again. If a power limit card has a power of 300 watts, then short peaks can generate a load of up to a factor of two or more – that is, 700 to 800 watts.

MSI is preparing a new generation of power supplies with its MEG models. To be more precise, these are the MEG Ai1300P and MEG Ai1000P models, which, according to the nomenclature, are designed for a maximum output power of 1000 and 1300 watts, respectively. Power supplies also have a switch to toggle between single-rail and multi-rail operation.

In an indoor show that Tweet embed As published, MSI says these models can withstand short-range peaks that correspond to twice the total output power, but the focus is particularly on the graphics card supply, where peaks that correspond to three times can even be intercepted. Support for PCIe 5.0 via auxiliary power supply via 12VHPWR connection is mandatory for upcoming power supply generation.

Voltage and current spikes are not a new phenomenon. They even happen frequently, and just because a power limit of 125 watts has been announced for processors or 300 watts for graphics cards, that doesn’t mean more power can’t be reached for a short time. It depends on the measurement interval you are talking about. If you look closely, we are talking about a few milliseconds, the supply of components significantly exceeds the specifications in some cases. However, these are fairly short peak loads. The power limit is kept again for a certain period of time.

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These peak loads can already become an issue in the current generation. With the powerful models of the GeForce RTX 30 series, there have been more and more reports of users complaining about systems shutting down suddenly. A power supply of 750 or 850 watts is sufficient on paper to power such a system, but if the mentioned load peaks occur, this can simply be too much for the power supply and safety circuits, then be sure to turn it off.

For the upcoming GeForce RTX 40 cards, the board is expected to be 450 watts, if not more, for high-end models. Peak loads must be correspondingly high, which is why power supply manufacturers are preparing for this.