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The Austrian League has been increased to ten teams

The Austrian Football League (AFL) will be increased to ten teams from the 2022 season. This decision was made by the AFBÖ and the AFL teams in close consultation.

There will be no promotion and relegation inside or outside the NFL next season in order to strengthen the structures and give teams – especially the four promotion teams – the opportunity to establish themselves in the first division.

The Swarco Raiders Tirol and Dacia Vikings, who are now in the European Football League (ELF), will continue to compete in the NFL with the newly formed teams. Details of the game plan and game mode will follow later.

‘More time to develop’ for those who have just applied

Due to the restructuring, there will be three more divisions with ten teams each within the Austrian Football League in 2022. AFBÖ Board Member Gerwin Wiechmann said: “The NFL teams have jointly developed the terms of a framework to strengthen the league more sustainably and grant The rookie has more time to develop.”

Austrian football team Die zehn Teams der: Swarco Raiders Tirol, Dacia Vikings, SsangYong Danube Dragons, Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants, Prague Black Panthers, Rangers Mödling, Salzburg Ducks, Atrium Steelsharks Traun, Znojmo Knights (C Patriots), Telfs.

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