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Women's World Cup: Marita Kramer wins opening qualifier in Nizhny Tagil

Women’s World Cup: Marita Kramer wins opening qualifier in Nizhny Tagil

Photo: Evgeny Votintsev

With the best of the day, Marietta Kramer won qualification in the opening match of the World Cup in Nizhny Tagil. There’s also reason to feel excited about the DSV team: Katharina Althaus confirms her good training performance with third place.

Nizhny Tagil and Marietta Kramer, that’s fitting! As with her double win in March, the Austrian clearly felt at home at Tamblyn Stork and took the qualifying win Thursday night with 96m and 119.8 points. The second place went to Sarah Takanashi, the Japanese achieved 93 meters and 114.5 points. Behind her was Katharina Althaus, the best German who confirmed her strong training performance with 89 meters and 111.3 points.

The Slovenian team also put in a solid performance: with overall summer grand prix winner Ursa Bogataj, World Cup overall winner Nika Kriznar, and regular hill world champion Ema Klinec and Jernija Brickell, four jumpers finished fourth to seventh. With Eva Pinkelnig (eighth place) and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (tenth), two more ÖSV women landed in the top ten, which somewhat surprisingly completed the Russian Irma Makinia, who came in ninth.

All DSV and ÖSV players qualified

The second best German was Pauline Hessler, who took 11th place with 85 metres. She landed right behind her on her World Cup debut with Nika Breivik, the older of the Privc’s two sisters. Jacqueline Sefriedsberger is back in style after more than one outage due to injury. The 30-year-old finished 6th on ÖSV in a duel against Sophie Sorchage and was 13th, and Lisa Eder and Kiara Kreuzer completed the team’s good result with 18th and 22nd.

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The other four German athletes ended up in midfield: Luisa Gurlich was 21st, Julian Seiffarth 25th and Selena Freijtag 26th, while Anna Ruprecht was 32th. Frida Westman of Sweden did without both training sessions and was able to qualify for the first time. In her career she clocked 78.5 meters and placed 32. With Yuki Ito, the disappointment was once again great, the five-time World Cup winner was eliminated with 74 meters and 45th place, which took advantage of Canadian Natalie Eilers.

A new record for participation in the opening match of the World Cup

With 65 players, there was a new record for participation in the opening match of the World Cup. Thus, 25 of them missed the competition, but three of them are not at the athletic level. Veronika Shishkina (Kazakhstan) was not even allowed to start, she was caught during the examination of the suit in the Inrun Tower with an incompatible suit. Haruka Iwasa of Japan was disqualified after jumping to 81 metres, which would have been enough to get into the competition, due to her jumping boots. For the same reason, Romanian Delia Annamaria Folia was excluded.

The first of the two singles competitions are scheduled to take place in Nizhny Tagil tomorrow, Friday at 3:30 PM CET (7:30 PM local time), and the beta will take place at 2:30 PM (6:30 PM local time), before One hour. There are of course all the jumps live by

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