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The Austrian women's team does not qualify for the Olympic Games despite its great victory!  - Hockey -

The Austrian women’s team does not qualify for the Olympic Games despite its great victory! – Hockey –

The Austrian national ice hockey team defeated Italy 6-1 at the end of the Olympic qualifiers in Füssen (GER). Denmark goes to the Olympic Games in Beijing. One point against Germany was enough for the Scandinavians to win the tournament.

Even before the third match against Italy, the Austrian women’s ice hockey team did not have a chance to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Denmark will travel to China in February after losing 3-2 on penalties to Germany, because the points gained were enough to reach first place in the standings. Despite disappointment over a lost Olympic dream, Austria got off to a strong start in the game. A few moments later, Anna Meixner missed a huge opportunity to score the opening goal. In the end, the team had to do without Charlotte Wittish, who was injured in a clash with an assistant assistant when she conceded an unfortunate goal in the match against Denmark.

After the Austrians got off to a good start, Chelsea Forlani put the Italians ahead. From the confrontation things went very quickly, the red, white and red defense was a bit neglected, Forlani used a pass from behind the gate from close range to 1-0 (fourth). But Austria fought stubbornly to get back into the match. The overpayment option remains unused. After a few good chances, captain Anna Mixner cheered, pulled irresistibly from the right side towards the goal and created the puck for a 1:1 draw at the right corner of the cross (13).

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Webber takes care of driving after he went alone
After nearly four minutes, Janine Webber took the 2-1 lead after a brilliant solo effort. Tyrolean discus grabbed her blue streak and didn’t give Italian goalkeeper Martina Fidel any chance with a superb hook for a backhand (17). Shortly before the end of the third half, Anna Mixner pulled a sugar pass from the defense into the Italian goal alone. This time Fidel was able to distinguish himself in the Italian box and led Jack Meixner by rail on the crossbar.

In the second half, the Italians started more aggressively and had the opportunity to equalize from close range through Chelsea Forlani. Selma Logan at ÖEHV-Tor did well. Then the Austrians rallied and an intense duel developed with great commitment and target sights on both sides. Halfway through the second division, Janine Weber had a chance to make it 3-1 when outnumbered. Carolina Hengelmüller was on the bench. After a mistake from the Italian defense, Webber thrust into the opponent’s goal alone, but delayed the hook of the ball to the left a few moments too long. Immediately after that, Teresa Schafzal scored a goal on the racket. At this point, another target for Austria was in the air.

A few minutes later, it was time: Teresa Schafzal played a beautiful pass from the left corner to Annika Vazukas, who pulled in front of the goal and dumped the ball into the net (35). A few seconds before the end of the third half, Fidel prevented the fourth goal from choosing red, white and red with an exciting defense when Julia Willenshofer He wanted to absorb a bounce in the gate.

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A strong third in the last third with three more hits

Shortly after the start of the final section, Maria Lensbichler appeared dangerously in front of the Italians’ goal. ÖEHV’s selection continued in offensive play and had a 4-1 chance through Esther Värälä after a 2-1 position. The ÖEHV selection was superior in terms of figure skating and technology at this point and dominated Italy.

The fourth goal came in a show of strength for Antonia Matzka, who beat Fidel with a good shot (52). Three minutes before the end, Matska turned back with glee as she confidently put the disk into the grid to become 5:1 (58). Anja Trummer scored the final score 6:1 with the shortest 15 seconds before the siren. The Austrian women finished the tournament in Vossen with six points from three matches in second place behind Denmark.

captain austria Anna Mixner I was satisfied despite the missed qualification: “I am very proud of our team, we did a great ice hockey. That was a giant step in the right direction!”

Denmark is one point enough to qualify for the Olympics
Germany were already 2-0 up in their midday game against the Danes in the second half, and shortly before the break the Scandinavians scored 1:2. In the final division, Silke Glud Denmark went into overtime. When they won the points, it was clear: Denmark would fly to the Olympics in Beijing. In the end, the Germans celebrated a 3-2 victory after a penalty shootout.

Olympia-Quele Füssen (Germany), November 11-14

Austria vs Italy 6:1 (2:1.1:0.3:0)
Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 3:30 pm
Austria goals: Anna Mixner, Janine Weber, Annika Vazukas, Antonia Matzka (2), Anya Trumer

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Already played:

Denmark vs Austria 1:0 (0:0.1:0.0:0)
Sa., 13. November 2021, 15:30 Uhr

Germany vs Austria 0:3 (0:1, 0:1, 0:1)
Thursday, November 11, 2021, 5:15 pm
Austria goals: Teresa Schafzal (1), Janine Weber (2)

Qualification of the Olympic table in Füssen

Team GP points W OTW OTL The GF: GA
1 Denmark 3 7 2 1 07:03
2 Austria 3 6 2 1 09:02
3 Germany 3 5 1 1 1 07:06
4 Italy 3 3 02:14