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Mercedes considers Hamilton punishment for "joke"

Mercedes considers Hamilton punishment for “joke”

NSToto Wolff, Director of Mercedes Motorsports, is about to transfer his star driver Lewis Hamilton Totally surprised by the end of the starting grid for the Formula 1 race in São Paulo. Even on Saturday afternoon, Mercedes assumed “all is well”, so initially thought the ruling was a “joke” by team sport director Ron Meadows.

The wings open too far

The race hosts rated the Hamiltons used in Friday’s qualifying mercedes Due to its non-compliance with the rules, when using the Drag Reduction System (DRS), the adjustable rear spoiler opened too far. According to Wolfe, it was a “trifle”. “We didn’t have an illegal wing, but the damage expressed itself in such a way that it was fine on the left, well in the middle and maybe 0.2 mm missing on the right,” said the Austrian.

wolf We threatened to take a closer look at future competition and often give the FIA, the World Automobile Federation, advice: “We will also be asking a lot of questions in the coming weeks if we see something from the other teams. The way we work has changed a bit.”

Hamilton worked his way up to 15 places in the race from 20 in just 24 laps. Due to an additional engine penalty, the World Cup runner-up will start the 19th race of the season on Sunday (6pm) from 10th place. In the FAZ live tape of Formula 1 As well as in Sky), while his big contender for the title starts from the first row from second place.

Verstappen He leads the World Cup with 21 points, ahead of Hamilton. After the race in Sao Paulo, there are three more races on the programme.