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The Bayonetta Trilogy is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch 2

The Bayonetta Trilogy is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch 2

There have been rumors about Khalifa for a few months nintendo switch (From 255.00 euros He buys), sometimes referred to as “Nintendo Switch 2”. The leak now provides supposed information that BayonettaThe trilogy should be released for said console.

It is unclear whether this is actually true, but ultimately it is a leak. However, the Spanish-born user has been known to occasionally reveal information that turns out to be true. For example, he had Metroid Dread Announced a year before release.

Nintendo: Leaker announces the Bayonetta trilogy

The user calls himself Nash Weedle and calls himself “El Analista de Leaks.” Leak Analyzer. In the tweet, he clearly wrote that Bayonetta will be released for the Nintendo Switch 2; All three main games in one package.

In addition, games should Visual improvements Bring it with you, including High Dynamic Range (HDR). This describes a high contrast value that makes effects appear brighter and highlights different colors. Also from one philanthropist performance The game should benefit.

BAYONETTA has received a TRILOGY edition with its three main games bundled for Switch 2.

Games have more visuals (HDR confirmed) and performance.

For backwards compatibility, you can play on Switch 2 with more.

– Nash Weedle “El Analista de Leaks” (@NWeedle) December 28, 2023

Timely announcement of Switch 2?

Under the post the user is also asked if Information about the Nintendo Switch 2 version It can reveal what it reacts to. “We may hear about Switch 2 before then fiscal year finish. “I personally think it will happen soon, but Nintendo changes its plans so often that I don't want to spoil it anymore,” Weddle said. The fiscal year is basically the company's fiscal year, which for Nintendo refers to March 31st – we could be smarter by then, at least that's how the user assesses the situation.

the Rumors It matures and matures, but we still have no official announcement about the console, it is and will continue to be leaks. Previously we were dealing with Technical performance of switch 2which is supposed to be at the level of the last generation consoles, i.e. PS4 and Xbox One, and will certainly be left behind.

on Official information We'll probably have to wait longer than Nintendo. If you want to keep looking for leaks about the Nintendo Switch 2, you can actually find a lot. A registered patent, for example, indicates this The new console could be a variant of the 3DS -You will find more about it here.