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The best groups again with the pre-season event

The best groups again with the pre-season event

With a pre-season event, EA SPORTS has brought some of the most popular special cards from FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT) back into the packs.

After the best packs are before the best packs: The developer gave the community a chance at FUTTIES, common items from expired offers of packages with the release of Pre-season events am Freitag The best refills come back the same day. According to EA SPORTS, the Top 100 Special Items will be added to the Player Collection for Packs, and they will only be removed within three weeks. Some of the best cards from TOTY-, TOTS-, Summer Stars- und FoF-Promo Representative, at the end of the FIFA 21 season, global teams can be built again.

With Cristiano Ronaldowho just announced his move to Manchester United, Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) and Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) Three players are available with an overall rating of 99. At the same time, there are two Squad Building Challenges with Diego Godin and Samuel Castillejo As well as goals, etc Team Building Challenges Published with Pack-Rewards. In addition to FIFA 21 content, rewards such as T-shirts and coin rewards can also be used for FIFA 22 to be collected.

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