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Two cosmetic DLC and update 13 with "sustainability mode"

Two cosmetic DLC and update 13 with “sustainability mode”

On August 31, 2021 at 6PM, Game Update 12 and the download expansion “Dcher der Stadt” (Season 3 DLC 3) will be released with tall buildings as a major endgame challenge year 1800 (Away 32,50 in a to buy) Appears. Two more cosmetic improvements and Update 13 should follow within the year (Source: redditAnd Live broadcast).

A “Pedestrian Zone Package” is currently planned for September 28, 2021 (bridges, tunnels, statues, fountains, and more). Lively Cities DLC will be released with new skins for buildings at the end of the year. Cosmetic DLC brings only new (no function) visual elements.

Update 13 is planned for December 2021. In addition to “quality of life improvements” and bug fixes, the update will contain a new game mode (“Green Game Jam”). In this mode, you will travel to another region to develop a city and complete an environmental project. Sustainability should be of particular importance. In the new area, more attention should be paid to the environment and the impacts, such as overfishing, food supply problems through monoculture, environmental pollution, limited ores deposits and trees can only grow again if there are enough other trees.

Current latest video: Trailer for Season 3 Pass

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