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The “Bird Test” reveals in just one sentence whether your relationship has a future!

The “Bird Test” reveals in just one sentence whether your relationship has a future!

We all know it: During the getting-to-know-you phase, our thoughts and feelings go crazy. During this time we are often accompanied by a feeling of uncertainty about whether this relationship will last or not. The “Bird Test” currently trending on TikTok gives you the answer. We'll tell you how it works so you can test your relationship.

This is the “Bird Test”

If you've been following psychology trends on TikTok, you can't ignore the “Bird Test” right now. This test is meant to help you find out if the person you're talking to is really serious about you. What does his interest really look like? Let the bird fly!

This is what the “Bird Test” is based on.

Don't worry: Quiz isn't just a random TikTok trend that will be quickly forgotten. It's based on an idea by couples therapist John Gottman, who focuses on interactions with his partner in his research work “Contact Displays.” If physical closeness, questions, or conversations are rejected or even ignored, this likely does not bode well for your relationship. Couples who engage in these interactions often stay together longer.

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are you happy? These topics can also shed light on the status of your relationship: Couples in healthy relationships would never do these things! What red flags mean and why we often don't want to acknowledge them. Are you a match? Every couple should ask themselves these questions. This is the ideal age difference in relationships – according to the study.

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“Look at the bird!” This is how the test works

Because the “Bird Test” can be used unobtrusively in all everyday situations, it initially seems banal. Whether you're walking, eating, or on the train – you can say the crucial sentence in the test everywhere: “Look at a bird!”

The other person's reaction decides how your relationship will go. If your partner responds to your teasing sentence or exclamation with interest, your relationship has a good chance. If your girlfriend responds in a bored and uninterested way, your connection is weak and perhaps only temporary. Instead of birds, you can use other unrelated topics or objects. Ultimately, the focus of the test is on how interested your partner is in your interaction.

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Here you can use the “Bird Test”.

First of all, you can use the “Bird Test” when dating to see if a relationship with your mate is possible. But the “bird test” can also provide clarity among which friends, family members, or coworkers you will get along well with in the future.

You've taken the “bird test”: now what?

Test results can show how compatible you are with someone in just a few seconds. This psychological test will also play an important role in the future. However, you should not make a long-term relationship or friendship dependent on an uninterested reaction and, in the worst-case scenario, ending the relationship. In this case, use the test to rethink or change the dynamics of your relationship.

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