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BAFTA: Four awards for the road movie "Nomadland".

The British government defends royalty

After the renewed allegations of racism against Buckingham Palace and the start of the new Netflix documentary series of Prince Harry and his wife Megan, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly took the royal family under his protection. Cleverly told Sky News today that there is no more staunch supporter of a multicultural Britain than King Charles III. This attitude towards the royal family “reflects the modern state that we see.”

This corresponds to his “personal experience”, but also to the “whole world” view of Great Britain. The minister admitted that he has yet to watch the Harry & Meghan Netflix series. After returning from a series of trips abroad, he wants to catch up on the final episodes of the hit series Stranger Things.

Documentary focusing on tabloid criticism

The first three episodes of the six-part “Harry and Meghan” series, available from Thursday, revolve primarily around the role of the British media, which has also been marked by racism, in the treatment and lack of control of Harry’s wife Meghan. Support from the royal family. Of the last three episodes of the Netflix series, it is expected that there will be more violent allegations by the couple against members of the royal family. It will be published next Thursday.

The behavior of an 83-year-old confidant of Queen Elizabeth II towards black activist Ngozi Fulani at a reception at Buckingham Palace has sparked a new debate about racism in the British royal family. The godmother of heir to the throne, William, had resigned her honorary positions in the wake of the controversy.

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However, the Fulani aid organization announced on Friday that it had been forced to temporarily stop working to protect its staff after “horrific” racial abuse online.