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Loudly Trader: Criticism of the traffic chaos in Ebreichsdorf

Loudly Trader: Criticism of the traffic chaos in Ebreichsdorf

Arrival and departure sometimes require long waiting periods.

Ebersdorf. The Rolling Loud hip-hop festival in Ebersdorf, which ended on Sunday, was “very calm,” according to the police. But what caused the excitement was the situation of arrivals and departures, which led to longer waiting times in public transport and private cars.

Organizer Klaus Lütgeb, who organized the festival together with the organizing company Live Nation, has tried to better direct the flow of visitors with “travel tickets” that must be booked in advance, after similar problems had already been reported at the Metallica concert at the Racino venue at the beginning of June. However, it was already pointed out on Sunday that the cancelled ÖBB special trains were primarily responsible for the delays. ÖBB is responsible for this. According to information, the departure was scheduled to take three hours and could be completed in two and a half hours.

Leutgeb therefore firmly rejected the criticism directed at This time, the arrival and departure concept “did not work well, not very well, but dramatically”. Reports of longer waiting times “simply do not correspond to the facts,” said Leutgeb, referring to the emergency services' balance sheet. When it comes to future events in Ebreichsdorf, he is confident in an interview with “We came to stay.”

130,000 guests over three days

According to Raimund Schweigerlener of the Lower Austrian State Police Directorate, 71 criminal complaints and 135 administrative violations were registered. He spoke of 130,000 to 140,000 visitors over the three days of the festival, with stars such as Nicki Minaj, Playboi Carti and Travis Scott.

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Criminal charges were mainly for theft, property damage and extortion. He added that the numbers could rise, citing experience at other festivals. Thefts, for example, are sometimes reported late. (Editor)

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