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The Champions League draw was repeated due to two errors

The Champions League draw was repeated due to two errors

The Champions League draw had to be repeated. During the first operation, two apparently errors occurred, which UEFA described as a “technical problem with an external service provider’s software”. This program tells the lottery officials which teams should go to the lottery pots.

The first mistake occurred when the opponent Villarreal equalized. Michael Hesselswerdt, head of UEFA club competitions, put the Manchester United ball into the lottery pot – both teams have already played against each other in the group stage.

United, team manager Ralph Rangnick’s side, was withdrawn immediately. The error was noticed, the drawing was immediately redrawn, and now Manchester City are drawn.

Immediately thereafter the second foul, a double foul: when the opponents of Atletico Madrid drew, Hesselschouert threw the Liverpool ball into the lottery bowl, even though these two teams had already played against each other in the group stage. Then the lucky fairy Andre Arshwin took out Bayern Munich – but the ball that was incorrectly drawn by ManUnited is no longer in the pot.

Champions League, tied: Real Madrid talks about a scandal

Real Madrid, who may have been satisfied with Los Benfica, indicated that they did not agree at all with the repeat of the draw. as Spox And GOAL has heard from across the Royal, that the rolling draw will be classified as a “scandal”. According to the radio station Cadena Cup The club is officially considering taking action against the UEFA decision.

“It was surprising, unfortunate and hard to fathom. With millions of fans enthusiastic about the draw and the whole world of sport,” said Emilio Butragueno, chairman of the board, of his anger over the chaos of the draw.

Even before the decision to return, Real Madrid contacted UEFA and asked to stop the association with Benfica, because this fee would not be related to errors. UEFA decided a new lottery for all pairs, “unacceptable” from the point of view of Real Madrid and “manipulation”. It happened the way it was. In the “correct” draw, Real Madrid signed PSG instead of Benfica.

Toni Kroos has great respect for the opponents in the round of 16, Paris Saint-Germain. The 31-year-old commented on the draw in his Kroos Academy app and explained, “He was a very interesting opponent in the next round, the toughest we could get out of the five potential competitors.” we play for. We are really looking forward to these matches, there is a lot of quality on the pitch. We’ll see what happens. But in the end we are Real Madrid, we always enjoy these kinds of matches. We have a lot of confidence to reach the quarter-finals.”

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