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The chief developer criticizes the "waiting for opponent" attitude of many players.  Metacritic rating is critical to persistence

The chief developer criticizes the “waiting for opponent” attitude of many players. Metacritic rating is critical to persistence

A Bloomberg report recently reported that Sony was not interested in him 2 days passed (from 22,99€ in To buy) Will be. Then David Jaffe (God of War designer and Twisted Metal) spoke in long video interviews Jeff Ross (Game Manager) f John Garvin (Creative Director and Author). Garvin, who left Sony Bend Studio a few days after the game launched in April 2019, also came out with the first wave of Days-Gone ratings, which were in rather modest places. Garvin noted that Sony’s Metacritic classification is a critical criterion for whether or not the series has a future.

John Garvin trans Wccftech: “I found it very difficult, to be honest, because, once again … that’s the reality at Sony, Metacritic means everything. If you were the creative director of a series and your game was worth it if you hit 70, you wouldn’t be the creative director of this.” Franchise for a long time. ”

Unconfirmed Bloomberg Letter Sony reportedly declined to produce Days Gone 2 in 2019. Instead of agreeing to the successor, Sony preferred to split the Inner Bend team between two other Naughty Dog studio projects, according to rumors. The reply to a default rejection is on The “Days Gone 2” petition has been launched, which has already been “signed” by more than 47,500 participants. Not even Jeff Ross expected the petition to find so many supporters so quickly.

Moreover, John Garvin said across VGCInterested people should buy games at full price when they like them rather than waiting for them to be shown in discounted promotions or ‘give them away’ on services like PlayStation Plus. It was also apparent to him that his remarks would face headwinds from the players.

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Days Gone’s creative director and writer said, “If you really like the game, buy it at the gory full price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen players say, ‘Yeah, I got this at a discount I got it with PS Plus, whatever David Jaffe responded with a counter-question and said, “But how do you know you like a game before you play it?”

John Garvin: “I’m just saying that if the game doesn’t get a sequel, and if it’s not adequately supported at launch, don’t complain. The thing is, God of War is one of the strongest games at launch I had millions in sales and Days Gone didn’t go.” I only talk about myself personally as a developer, I don’t work for Sony, and I don’t know what the numbers look like. (…) So I guess the rise in interest [z.B. durch Rabatte oder PS-Plus; Anm. d. News-Autors] In the game it is not as important as the question of whether or not you purchased the game at the full price. Because once you do, you are directly supporting the developers. ”

His testimony (as expected) was met with much criticismAmong other things, very high gaming prices for full versions, Days Gone status with technical issues and general game quality. Quote they were.

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