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Mozilla Firefox 88 exports

Mozilla Firefox 88 exports

Mozilla released Firefox 88 for Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. This article summarizes the most important new features – as always on this blog in more detail than those on other websites.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux

Privacy: Firefox protects against leakage

With, websites have a feature in which to save data, which remains available when the user navigates to another page in the same tab. Tracking companies abusing this mechanism, Mozilla is working to put an end to it with Firefox 88.

Firefox now resets the property when the user navigates to another page in the same tab. If the user moves again, the value is returned to its actual value. at Security Blog Mozilla has written about it widely.

Mozilla is on par with Apple, which has implemented similar protections in Safari for a long time. While Google is also planning this for Chromium-based browsers, browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are still vulnerable to leak as of today.

Interactive PDF files

Mozilla has supported filling in PDF forms since Firefox 83. With Firefox 88 comes support for scripts. This enables validation of PDF forms and other interactive features in PDF files.

Developer tools and web platform improvements

The Network Analysis tool’s answer panel now has a toggle button to toggle between Format View and Code View.

On the web standards side, it is worth noting the support for the two new pseudo CSS classes: User Valid and: Invalid User, which, unlike: valid and: invalid, becomes active only when the user selects focus on another element.

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Support Image Collection () In CSS for responsive images or different images depending on the pixel density of the screen, similar to the srcset attribute in HTML.

Changed the default font for monospace fonts on macOS to Menlo. Changed the outline property in CSS so that the outline now follows the radius of the strokes.

Support for Indications Such as He has indications For regular expressions.

As always, there is an overview of improvements to the web platform such as the new web standards supported in MDN web documents.

Closed security hatches

Of course, Mozilla 88 has it back in Firefox Several security flaws Closed. For security reasons only, it is highly recommended to update Firefox 88 for all users.

Other new features in Firefox 88

The print interface, new since Firefox 86, now supports localized units for margins, so Firefox can display millimeters instead of inches.

In preparation for Firefox’s upcoming Proton design, which will ship with Firefox 89, there have already been several textual changes to the dialogs and restructuring of the context menus in Firefox 88.

In the tab context menu, there were actually options to either close all other tabs or all tabs to the right of the selected tab. Logical extension followed by the option to close all tabs to the left of the selected tab.

In addition to the Undo action, there is now also a Redo option in the Text Fields context menu. The Cut and Copy options are greyed out when no text is selected. The context menu entry opens to display the drawing now in a new tab by default.

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The screenshot function is no longer available via the three-dot menu in the address bar, but it can still be accessed via the context menu. There is also a new Screenshot button under Menu> Customize Toolbar, which can optionally be dragged to the UI like all other buttons.

As for microphone and camera requests, Firefox no longer requests permission again if permission for the respective website has already been granted on the same device in the same tab within the last 50 seconds.

Simple zoom using the touchpad is now supported on Linux.

Support for the unsecured, encrypted FTP protocol is deactivated by default and is expected to be completely removed with Firefox 90. WebExtensions can now register as a protocol handler for FTP.

Improved recognition of login credentials entered to save in some script-based implementations.

So far, Firefox has displayed an information bar on startup, if the Firefox profile used is older than 90 days and the average of the last five starts are more than 20 seconds, indicating that the profile should be renewed. This has been removed. The status bar, which indicates unresponsive scripts, has changed from a clear yellow bar to a less visible color and only appears when interacting with the page. Additionally, there is no longer a “wait” button.

On the About: Processes page, it is now possible to define a line so that it can be more easily followed when making changes.

The new WebRender graphics viewer has been activated for additional Linux users. The WebRender software application is now being offered to Windows users without D3D11 installed and with a small screen, as well as to a small portion of Linux users who would otherwise not receive a WebRender.

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If import of saved access data via a CSV file ( in about: config) is activated, a final report will be displayed at the end providing information about potential errors.

Of course, bug fixes and other improvements have been added under the hood as well as accessibility improvements in Firefox 88. Also support Other company guidelines Returned to it.