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The chip manufacturer is planning a big investment – ​​5 minutes

The chip manufacturer is planning a big investment – ​​5 minutes

Published on 13 May 2024 at 06:42 /©APA/Hans Klaus TECHT

ams-Osram, the Styrian chip and sensor manufacturer based in Brimstatten, south of Graz, is holding a location summit on Monday, titled “Pulse for Europe as a Business Location.”

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In addition, new investment plans will be presented. Labor ministers will attend the summit Martin Kocher And so is the governor of the state Christopher Drexler (Both ÖVP) are participating, as is the Styrian State Counselor for Economic Affairs Barbara Ebinger Middle (ÖVP). Below is the content from the CEO Aldo Camper It was also presented to the media. We are talking about a major investment planned for the Premstatn site.

Serious setbacks

The outlook for ams-Osram has been bleak recently: at the end of April, it was announced that MicroLED development would be canceled after losing its only customer. More than 500 workers lose their jobs, most of them in Kulim, Malaysia. The exit will cost the companies about 700 million euros. A new tenant is being sought for the 8-inch silicon wafer factory, which AMS-Osram built in Kulim for $1 billion (€933 million) specifically for the hoped-for demand. (APA, May 13, 2024)

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