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BMW M4 Cabrio: A storm warning from Steyr

BMW M4 Cabrio: A storm warning from Steyr

There is another way to be elegant. Especially for a convertible. But the massive appearance of M4 Competition Convertible With its raised BMW kidney grille at the front it is now programmatic in the new BMW World.

Everyone has to deal with it themselves. So let’s focus on things that can be evaluated without discussing taste.

Like a particularly important detail in a convertible.That’s how it is Well insulated roof And when closed, even at high speeds, there isn’t much difference to the earlier times of the retractable roof. The most important difference for open-top drivers who tend to run long runs—aside from the soft-top weight advantage—can be seen in another discipline. The roof of the M4 Cabrio can be opened and closed Also on the go. and at a satisfactory pace. So without becoming an obstacle crawl passage.

It also ensures comfort on board central key For all four window regulators.

Speaking of extending business hours: Tuesday Onboard heating They can be easily regulated and set via the large climate menu on the center display. With the roof open and the side windows raised, an effective warm air bubble can be created. At least for the people sitting in the front.

In addition, one Neck warmers progress. Although it costs more (460 euros net), it is effective if you also want to use the cooler hours of the day – or night – for fresh air stagesto.

And in the end that is it capacity l Box It can be adapted between 300 liters and 385 liters with a lid. With the roof closed, it can be easily pushed with one hand to optimize loading height and volume. But even with a top down, there’s still enough room if you adjust to the conditions when packing.

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The other major point of contention, especially with four-seat convertibles, is body rigidity. Especially with a bunch of power like the M4 with the formidable six-cylinder engine from BMW’s factory in Steyr, which can at least shove 510 hp into the balance when it counts. But even when speed is forced, there’s no noticeable body shivering in the M4 Cabrio.


As expected, the driving performance is copious if you focus on it. Which may not necessarily be considered an essential competence for a four-seat convertible. And you should always be in good control of the M4 Cabrio. Otherwise you will be leaving the limits of local road traffic regulations faster than you can see.

But when it comes to overtaking, the largely inherent power from the Steyr works wonders. As for the time required for that and the narrow section of the road required on the opposite lane.

the consumption From the power pack under the front hood it navigates a moderately civilized driving style in mixed traffic with an average value of around 10 liters per 100 km. There is of course much more than that. But for long, high-speed trips, the convertible will not be used in customer practice.

And if you just want to drive more with the option of an occasional usable two seat in the back, the tax-friendly BMW 420i Cabrio will do it for half the money.