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The cost of this 325-inch TV from LG is $1.7 million

The cost of this 325-inch TV from LG is $1.7 million

With LG DVLED Home Cinema Screen The Korean manufacturer has a new TV system FootIt is aimed at wealthy clients with spacious rooms.

Depending on the room, TV panels can be individually adapted and range from 108 to 325 inches. Larger version with 325 inches and 8 kg and weight 910 kg costs $1.7 million, How do Cnet Reports.

With DVLED devices, the configuration is with an extension Aspect Ratio 32:9 possible. In this case, the panel can display several video resources side by side.

LEDs instead of LCDs

With DVLED, LG works without a lit LCD level and uses it instead individual lamps. Similar to OLED, these LEDs can be individually controlled, lit or turned off. Compared with traditional LC monitors, it allows Higher contrasts And Richer colors can be achieved.

DVLED series massive TV panels can be considered as an alternative to home theater projectors. However, LG devices have a maximum brightness of 1.200 net On what can be compared to the latest TVs.

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