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Farming Simulator 22 supports "cross-platform multiplayer"

Farming Simulator 22 supports “cross-platform multiplayer”

Farming Simulator 22: Zetor Crystal game is working. © GIANTS

Developer and publisher GIANTS Software announces a multiplayer platform app in Farming Simulator 22 Today is a feature that fans have longed for. Soon, more virtual farmers will be able to manage their farms together and create their own personal style with the new character editor.

there is coming Farming Simulator 22 Offers “unlimited” multiplayer fun: thanks to cross-play, players on different platforms arrange their fields together.

With a release on November 22, 2021 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia, first-time fans will have the opportunity to participate in others’ games regardless of platform and enjoy the creative freedom of co-operative farming together. .

“The successful implementation of Crossplay is a huge step forward for the multiplayer experience in the farming simulation series now published by GIANTS Software itself,” comments Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at Giants Software. “This chain is rapidly growing in popularity all over the world, with a growing following on both PC and consoles, and we are now connecting virtual farmers to each other without restrictions. Cooperative farming is a huge step forward.”

Farming Simulator 22: Pictures of the grape crop very reminiscent of the taste of the Mediterranean in the south of France. © GIANTS

Farming Simulator 22 – Wellington Boots & Beards: More Single Characters

Farmers working on their virtual land together look forward to greatly expanded options to customize their characters: they expect new character models, hairstyles, items of clothing and accessories. Apparel options include original branded clothing from Case IH, CLAAS, Fendt, John Deere, and many other major brands in the agribusiness. German outfitters ELTEN and Engelbert Strauss are also represented by various safety clothing.

“As multiplayer farming simulation is so popular with countless fans – whether it’s for relaxing play sessions with friends after work or in role-playing scenarios in our passionate community – we’re happy to offer you several new design options for their characters, Adds a great character artist Roman Belenko added.

We have all the information about the game in one place The huge guide sum up.

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