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The cup awarded: Kamptal has a high density of quality wine growers

The cup awarded: Kamptal has a high density of quality wine growers

Horki has been a qualified sommelier for 28 years and has regularly staged the Camptal Wine Cup since 2001. A dedicated jury has selected winners from various categories out of 233 wines presented. The public was allowed to vote in the evening, and the preference for a relaxed atmosphere often coincided with the jury’s opinion.

Luxury Culinary Tours

Moderator (and wine expert) Manfred Winkler acknowledged Horki’s commitment at the awards gala, where the Färberstub’n spoiled everyone with a festive five-course menu. Together with the technically high-profile guests, the brewers and their friends enjoyed a wonderful culinary evening. Chamber singer Herbert Lippert came to Huddersdorf as a guest of honor.

Veltliner attracts opera stars

The Grammy winner was also revealed as a talented illustrator whose new studio is still under construction just south of Vienna. As Lippert confirmed, he would love to go to Kamptal for the Grüner Veltliner. Winkler’s other interview partner was local artist Gerlinde Kail, who hasn’t run out of ideas for unusual awards for years. “I can retire in 2023,” revealed the woman who never tires of collecting and implementing ideas.

“Quorum” on TV

Another special guest, former personal skater Ingrid Turkovich Wendell, remembered her time as a TV presenter. In the age of black and white television, conveying the colors of figure skating dresses has been a challenge. At that time, Wendl invented “Longing White”, “Hollywoord Black” and “Mole Brown”. She revealed, “You also have to cheat a little on TV!”

The Jazz Jetty is still at its best

An experience for all present was Jazz Gitti (real name Martha Butbul), who presented herself at her best and said of the supervisor, for example, that he had “beautiful cheeks”. She revealed that she doesn’t know any notes and when asked what major the song should be playing in, she always said, “I sing in Ana Dua!” Adolf Jederastik, a retired local breeder and painter of wonderful nature paintings (which can be seen at Färberstub’n h), stated that the proceeds from the sale of his work were donated entirely to Langenlois Red Cross.

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Inspired singing breaks

In addition to announcing the winning wine growers in five categories, the highlight of the evening were two performances by Jazz Gitti, in which attendees sang enthusiastically with the song “There Are Lots of Fools on Wöd”. She also sang “Basin Street Blues”. Not only was her piano accompanist, Eric Robb, allowed to play the musical throughout the evening, but he was also the one who perfectly accompanied tenor Lieberte on the smash hit “O Sole Mio.”

Many very special guests

Other guests who were delighted with the evening programme, the delicacies from the kitchen and the most important wines, included Milan Turkovic, Turkovic-Wendl’s husband – a Parsonian player and conductor – and Ernst Theis, a conductor living in Camerin, Vice-Chancellor of the University. Private university in Vienna and former director of the Klangbadhull festival, Mayor Heinrich Becker, founder of the Austrian wine company Sisters Christa Katers, and gastronomy specialist Markus Reist.

Camptal Wine Cup Winners:

“Leichte Veltliner” – 2021, up to 11.9% alcohol by volume

  • 1. Winzerhof Burgstaller, Mollands – Kamptal DAC Classic
  • 2. Christophe Staten, Lingenfeld – Camptal Duck Classic
  • 3. Edwin Schreibeis, Straß – high-quality “Lightning and Donner” wine

“Frühlingsveltliner” – 2021, 12.0 to 13.0 vol.

  • 1. Wolf Bio, Langenlois – Kamptal DAC Terrassen
  • 2 – Reinhard Waldschutz, Elsarn – Kamptal DAC “Stangl”
  • 3. Gerhard Deem, Schoenberg – Kamptal DAC Kamptal

“Young Rieslings” – 2021, until Volume 13.0.

  • 1. Gerhard Herz, Al Sirn – Kamptal DAC “Seeberg”
  • 2. Martin Steiner, Langenlois – Kamptal DAC “Joan”
  • 3. Winery Maglock-Nagel, Straß – Kamptal DAC “Change Mountain”
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Reife Veltliner – 2020 or older

  • 1. Karl Steininger, Langenlois – Kamptal DAC Reserve “Kittmannsberg”
  • 2. Reinhard Waldschutz, Elsarn – Kamptal Reserve DAC “Rosengartl”
  • 3. Alois Höllerer, Engabrunn – Kamptal DAC Reserve “Old Vines”

Noble Red Reserve – strong red wine, 2021 or earlier

  • 1. Anton Eitzinger, Langenlois – high quality Zweigelt Barrique wine
  • 2. Franz Leopold, Schöneberg – Premium quality special wine filling Barrick Café
  • 3. Oliver Völkl, Lengenfeld – High Quality Zweigelt Wine Reserve