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The Day of the Only Package –

The Day of the Only Package –


On Sunday, June 25th, the international “Only Bouquet Day” will be organized for the eleventh time. In Austria, florists from all over the country are taking part for the first time in order to please passers-by with small bouquets of flowers. By the way, floral surprises are “unfolded” in public. So it’s important to keep your eyes open on your Sunday outing for a lonely bouquet.

Pre-programmed happy faces

“I am delighted that our florists are taking part in Lonely Bouquet Day this year,” says Elke Lumetsberger, chairwoman of the Upper Austrian Guild. Gardeners and florists. “Flowers evoke positive emotions and happy faces are pre-programmed with this sweet motif.”

From idea to international action

By the way, the day was started by the American Emily Avensen, who lives in Belgium, where she runs a flower-picking garden. Her idea, which she posted on various social media platforms, soon found many imitators around the world, who have since been preparing flowery gifts on the last Sunday in June to cheer up strangers.

You can share your joy with an unexpected floral greeting by emailing a photo to [email protected].

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