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With heavy losses: the Ukrainian army liberates a village at the front

With heavy losses: the Ukrainian army liberates a village at the front

Heaviest fighting is currently being reported on the front from the Zaporizhia region and near Pakhmut in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army strengthened its forces there. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. .

Ukrainian soldiers proudly raise their flag over the captured lands in the east of the country. These military recordings are meant to show that the counterattack is paying off. In this case, it is the liberated village of Pyatychatky in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

In general, the international media characterize the Ukrainian territorial gains in the east of the country as rather small. In a preliminary assessment, the government in Kyiv spoke of a total reoccupied area of ​​113 square kilometres. It is said that there were heavy casualties on the front on both the Ukrainian and Russian sides.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that it had repelled several waves of Ukrainian attacks in Bakhmut and in the Zaporizhia region. In addition, several depots of Western weapons were destroyed on Ukrainian soil with the help of high-precision missiles.

Moscow has released video footage of Pacific Marine Corps units conducting combat operations in Ukraine.

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