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The delta variant of vaccinated people is more lethal than previous mutations

The delta variant of vaccinated people is more lethal than previous mutations

In general, vaccines protect well against the delta variant.

As a new study from Great Britain shows, the delta type of coronavirus is likely to be more deadly than previously known mutations, even for vaccinated people. However, the numbers also show that vaccines provide good protection against the delta variant. According to a report by “Public Health England” (PHE), 12 people in Great Britain have died from infection with the delta variant coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated; Seven more people died despite the vaccine dose.

Delta about two-thirds of the infection is more

Delta is likely to be about two-thirds more contagious than the previously dominant variant Alpha and leads to more severe cycles of Covid-19 The version of Sars-CoV-2, also known as B.1.617.2, thus proves to be possibly the most dangerous variant even Now, according to “” from the analysis. Fully fortified deaths occur with other variants, but appear to be more common with deltas.

This is due to the many mutations in the delta, indicating that the antibodies are less effective. However, the data also shows that vaccinations significantly reduced delta prevalence. However, much remains currently unclear: for example, it is not yet known how old the deceased was or whether there is a difference in the risk posed by the delta of any vaccine you get.

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