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The department turns over Trump's tax records to a congressional committee

The department turns over Trump’s tax records to a congressional committee

According to media reports, the US Treasury Department is providing the ex-president’s tax documents Donald Trump Available to the Congressional Committee. And US media quoted a ministry spokesman as saying on Wednesday that “the Treasury Department has complied with the court’s decision last week.” For years, Trump has resisted using legal means to release the documents — and finally failed in the Supreme Court last week.

The Supreme Court had rejected a request by her lawyer to stop the transfer of tax documents to the Democratic-led House Treasury Committee. Contrary to the usual practice in the United States, real estate tycoon Trump did not release his tax returns either as a presidential candidate or after moving to the White House.

So critics suspect the Republican has something to hide. Among other things, Democrats want to verify whether the documents reveal a conflict of interest on the part of the businessman and whether he used questionable tax-saving methods. Two weeks ago, Trump announced that he would run again as the Republican presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

Publication is not expected

According to reports, the documents are not expected to be released to the public immediately. It also remained unclear whether committee members actually had access to the documents.

For the committee, the Supreme Court’s decision was a last-minute success: Given that the Republicans won the majority in the US midterm elections and will be in charge there from the beginning of January, the Democratic-led body has little time left, to align the matter.

Trump is currently involved in various legal disputes – including over the transfer of classified government documents into his private ownership after leaving the White House.

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