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The dog survived an 80-meter fall –

The dog survived an 80-meter fall –


A prostitute survived a fall of more than 80 meters near Bischofswiesen on Thursday night. She was rescued by mountain and aerial rescuers. Two local women take her to the signal chief of the so-called “sleeping witch” in Lattengebirge.

During the crossing, the dog lost her footing and fell on the rocky south side.

Teamwork in broad daylight

In difficult climbing conditions, the two women were able to descend to the injured dog and secure her and protect her from the cold. They notified the emergency services via mobile phone and remained at the scene. Rescuers moved into the Bavarian mountains, including an experienced dog trainer from Chiemgau.

The crew of the “Edelweiß 4” police helicopter came from Munich. You have dropped the rescue team with the steel cable winch in the mountain forest above where the women and the dog are.

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Casualties in home care

Mountain rescuers climbed the last segment themselves. The bitch was given first aid and placed in a special harness used by mountain rescue search dogs for external transport on helicopters.

At the last light of the day, the police pilot and his rescuer manage to take the mountain climbers, their animals and the mountain rescuers on board using the steel cable winch and fly into the valley unharmed. The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic. She was released to home care late in the evening due to her minor injuries.

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