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Switzerland Wins: Nemo wins the song contest

Switzerland Wins: Nemo wins the song contest

Nemo managed to collect a total of 591 points, including 365 points from the specialized jury. For the stage show, Nemo was balanced on a turntable – and was particularly impressive sonically. Overwhelmed by victory, Nemo accepted the song contest trophy from last year's winner Lauren – but then it broke.

This is the third time Switzerland has won the contest: Lis Asia won the first song contest in 1956, and Celine Dion won in 1988. “I hope this contest can fulfill its promise of creating peace and dignity for all,” Nimmo said, perhaps also in In light of the events of the past few days in Malmö. Being the first non-binary person to win the song contest is overwhelming and means a lot to him.

Switzerland: Nemo – “The Symbol”

Second place for Croatian Baby Lasagna

Pepe Lasagna from Croatia, who was recently considered the front-runner, was forced to finish second with 547 points. She rocked the hall with her peppy crossover song “Rem Team Tag Dim” and also secured third place with the judges. In the general vote, the Croatian advanced with 337 points.

Croatia: Small Lasagna – “Rim Tim Tag Dim”

The audience raises Ukraine to third place

Ukraine came in third place in audience attendance with 307 points, which ultimately pushed Alyona Alyona and Jerry Hill to third place. On “Teresa & Maria,” the two delivered a harmonious blend of rap and pop with an assured catchy beat. According to the jury's evaluation, they ranked fifth.

Frenchman Suleiman ranked highly – i.e. in second place – among the experts. For “Mon Amour,” he relied on his voice and a severely reduced stage production, which was conveyed primarily by camera. Despite receiving 227 points from the audience for one of the best vocal performances of the evening, it fell to fourth place.

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A photo series containing 25 photos

Israel is in fifth place thanks to television broadcasting

Fifth place, with 375 points, went to Israeli Eden Golan, who performed flawlessly on stage with “The Hurricane” in the most difficult circumstances. On Saturday, she was also booed by parts of the hall during her performance, but other parts cheered loudly. Israel's participation was already controversial, the song's lyrics had to be changed, and the Israeli delegation was subjected to hostility and attacks in Malmö. Perhaps a large portion of the audience's 323 points were seen as support and solidarity after the events of the past few days.

The Sixth Irish Witch

Sixth place by self-proclaimed witch Bambi Thug from Ireland showed that you need luck too. Their theatrical production could have come from a mediocre horror film; Their song “Doomsday Blue” particularly scored with its beautiful four-line chorus, while the rest of the song could be viewed as a sonic disturbance to untrained ears.

However, there were many in the audience who misunderstood the performance as ridiculous and admired it. In years with a different zeitgeist, it may also happen that you have to leave with a post like this without points. As the first congratulatory after the points were awarded, Bambi Thug placed her crown of thorns on Nemo's head.

Ireland: Bambi Thug – “Doomsday Blue”

With a charming performance, Italian Angelina Mango reached seventh place with the song “La noia.” The eighth place went to the entry of the year, the Armenian act Ladaniva with “Jaco”. It was noted that the host Sweden did not do its best to win the tournament this year. Brothers Marcus and Martinus opened the final with an unpopular number one debut, introducing their song “Unforgettable” with Matrix looks and indefinable plastic hazmat suits – and ultimately finishing in ninth place. Portuguese singer Yolanda did surprisingly well, coming in tenth place.

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Kalin is ranked 24th

Kalyn was honored to be the final contestant to deliver a performance that rocked the room once again. As for the Eurodance song “We Will Rave,” it was, as expected, less well received by the jury: it received 19 points. The fact that the telecast was so low by only five points was surprising in the negative sense. This means they only finished 24th, so a somewhat disappointing second-to-last place ahead of bottom team Norway.

Austria: Kalin – “We're Going to Rave”

The German delegation must be somewhat satisfied and relieved: singer Isaak achieved 12th place with a raspy voice and a nice, if not incredibly original song, “Always on the Run” – this is only the second time that Germany has not come in last place. . Or he finished second to last. The UK also wanted to escape this shame this year and sent Olly Alexander, a well-known singer. He sang “Dizzy” in a shower room that vibrated with camera effects and got up close and personal with his dancers in a somewhat infamous manner, still placing 18th.

Scoreboard of countries


Fun earns a few points

Windows95man from Finland provided the evening's laughs: During the performance, Teemu Kestri, who emerged from the egg with a mullet and thong hairstyle, tricked his way through the song “No Rules!” – with hot pants on display as the highlight. But there was only 19th place , where the 20th place of the six-member formation 5Miinust & Puuluup Platz from Estonia showed that a very good mood has not been recognized this year.

From the hall, where they were celebrated loudly, the spark of the Spanish duo Nebulosa did not extend to the jury or the television audience. With “Zorra” they just reached #22.

Spain: Nebulosa – “Al Zora”

Not united through music

The contest was not only overshadowed by the dispute over the Israeli candidate, as some candidates also made statements that were somewhere between childish and mundane, in addition to outright anti-Semitic hostilities on social media and during the protests in Malmö. On Saturday afternoon, Dutchman Joost Klein was also disqualified from the competition due to a female photographer filing a complaint about his behavior on Thursday evening.

The specific facts of the case remain unclear, but the exclusion was followed by angry protests – not least because many people, especially on social networks, established contact with the Israeli delegation – but also and above all because Jost Klein had previously made comments against the Israeli candidate.

In any case, the EBU regulator was not a good person when it came to crisis management; The slogan “United by music” has turned into absurdity and absurdity. The result was very loud boos from song contest boss Martin Østerdahl at the final show on Saturday. At least the rest of the evening went relatively smoothly. What's left is a lot of broken china and a huge loss of confidence – getting back on the agenda until the next song contest is probably out of the question.