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“The Eagle” loses the opening match in Bolzano!  – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

“The Eagle” loses the opening match in Bolzano! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

It was not the day for the 'Eagles': the Whites had to concede defeat to the better South Tyrol team 5-2 in the first quarter-final playoff in Bolzano. Now it's time to analyse, check things out and focus fully on the second match next Tuesday at Villach Town Hall.

The first quarter-final playoff match at the Sparkasse Arena in Bolzano started with continuous attacks from the home team. On the other hand, the “Eagles” tried to hold together in defense and defend themselves strongly with a lot of fighting spirit and ongoing work. The best scoring chance initially went to Pascal Brunner for the hosts, but his shot from the top of the goal was blocked by VSV goalkeeper JP Lamoureux. In contrast, John Hughes tested Sam Harvey from a left-half position, but the South Tyrol goalkeeper also acted confidently. In the last five minutes of the first third, Bolzano's side increased their pace significantly and hit the ball mercilessly: first was Daniele Mantenotto, who beat VSV goalkeeper JP Lamoureux from close range for a 1-0 lead. Seven seconds before the end of the first half, Daniel Frank scored the second goal in the 20th minute.

In the second third too, it was the home team who initially set the tone. In the 23rd minute, Lamoureux had to use all his skills to prevent the South Tyrol side from scoring from a single goal from Luca Freju. Just three minutes later, Dustin Gazley's shot was blocked by Lamoureux after a solo effort, who again made an excellent save. The home team was clearly the better and more dangerous team. So it happened as it should have happened: Weight scored two more goals in the final five minutes of the middle third. Daniel Frank made it 3-0 again, beating Lamoureux from the left half. Just three minutes later, Bolzano fans celebrated for the fourth time – this time a shot from Enrico Migliorenzi from the blue line found its way into Villach's goal. The fact that things did not get worse for the white team at this stage was thanks to Lamoureux in Villach's goal, who prevented the fifth goal several times with strong saves a few minutes before the end in a short-lived match. Kevin Hancock was in the penalty area due to the delay in the match.

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In the final section, fists flew between Maxim Golod and Dylan DePerna. Both had to sit in the box, but Di Perna got two plus two minutes. The Eagles took advantage of their numerical superiority and reduced the gap to 4-1 with a shot from Andrew Desjardins into the top corner. Shortly before the end, in a period of pressure with another field player – Lamoureux was taken off the ice – the Whites made it 4-2 through Dylan McPherson. The Whites had hope again, but in the last minute, the home team finally sealed the deal with an empty-handed goal from McClure to make the score 5-2. Nothing was possible for the Blue and White that evening. This means we've lost the opening game of the series: now it's time to put the game behind us and focus fully on Tuesday's second game in Villach!

Coach Marcel Rodman about the match:

HCB Südtirol Alperia – EC iDM VSV 5:2 heat pumps
Portals: Mantenotto (15th), Frank (20th, 29th), Migliorenzi (32nd), McClure (60th); Desjardins (46.PP), MacPherson (57.)