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The employees are offered a whopping €3,000 extra

The employees are offered a whopping €3,000 extra

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from: Ulric Hagen

As part of the collective bargaining agreement, the contracting parties also agreed to special payments to offset inflation. Bonus payments will begin in June.

Munich/Dortmund – As part of the third relief package, the federal government has done so Decide on inflation premium. This made it possible for employers to give their employees a tax-free payment of €3,000.

First payment after collective agreement: 1,240 € bonus for public service in June 2023

thanks th Collective bargaining in 2023 round of collective bargaining not only lures retirees with huge extra pay, but also to all public sector workers. Unions and employers have agreed to a collective bargaining agreement affecting 2.5 million public sector workers reports.

as part of Collective bargaining agreement for workers in the public sector On April 22, 2023, the inflation premium was also negotiated. The first payment of the inflation compensation allowance to employees of local authorities and the federal government is scheduled to be made in June. Employees, who are paid according to the collective public service agreement (TVöD), receive a tax- and duty-free bonus of 3,000 euros.

Inflation compensation: one payment in June and another payment from July

Starting now is the one-time tax- and duty-free inflation compensation payment of €1,240, which employees can look forward to this month.

Collective Bargaining Agreement 2023 for Federal and Local Employees – Highlights:

  • Inflation compensation payment:
  • In June 2023, employees will receive a one-time inflation compensation payment of €1,240, which is tax and customs duty free.
  • From July 2023 to February 2024, employees will receive a monthly special tax and duty-free payment of €220.
  • Salary increase:
  • From March 2024, the table values ​​will increase by a basic amount of €200 plus a further 5.5 percent. If this increase is less than €340, the value of the table will be increased by €340 instead.
  • The term of the collective bargaining agreement is 24 months – until December 31, 2024
  • Source: ver.di

Special payments in TVöD from July: There is much more money

From July 2023, there will be eight more monthly tax-free payments of €220, which will be transferred to payroll accounts by February 2024 (more financial news at RUHR24).

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Not everyone is happy with private payments from their employer. © Photo Booth/K. Schmidt / Imago

After special payments: an additional salary of at least 340 euros from March 1, 2024

From March 1, 2024, a salary increase based on the schedule will come into force, which includes a basic amount of 200 euros plus an additional increase of 5.5 percent. Employees whose salary increase according to the table is less than €340, their income will be increased by €340 instead.

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