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The EU and USA have warned Sudan against unilateral government appointments

World powers have blamed the military for human rights abuses in the country. The previous head of government resigned under pressure in October.

Following the resignation of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, the European Union and the United States have warned military rulers in Khartoum against appointing a new prime minister and new cabinet. The European Union, the United States, Great Britain and Norway in a clear exchange on Wednesday night stressed that they would not support a new government appointed without the involvement of civilian representatives.

Economic aid to Sudan also depends on it. The military is responsible for human rights abuses in the country. The security forces expect freedom of assembly and expression to be respected and for attacks on hospitals, journalists and cyberbullying to be stopped.

Months of struggles and military coups

After weeks of bloody street protests against the government and tensions with the country’s military rulers, Hamdock announced his resignation on Sunday night. Hamdok was ousted in a military coup on October 25 and reinstated only after pressure from home and abroad. There were repeated protests against the continued participation of the military in government. Hamdock was charged with treason.

Sudan has been ruled by hardliners for nearly 30 years by Islamist Omar al-Bashir. The longtime ruler was ousted in April 2019 after months of mass protests and a military coup. The military and the civil opposition then agreed to an interim government that would pave the way for democratic elections. In addition, comprehensive economic reforms were planned, which would result in significant economic losses to the military. The military was also against Hamdok’s reassessment of human rights abuses.

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