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Review of the Ryder Cup

After the Ryder Cup was actually planned for 2020, the biggest event in golf took place in 2021. “The Rider Cup without the fans is not a rider’s cup,” said Zack Vaughn, boss of the US PGA, justifying the postponement of the continental comparison – a good decision, even though it’s almost exclusively American fans in Whistling Straits on Lake Michigan. Shake on the stars or with praise – depending on the colors they wore. From a sporting point of view, it was a one-sided exchange that caused a historic defeat for the Europeans – in retrospect “Waterloo von Wisconsin“.

Europe got off to a bad start

Even before the first tee in the Straits curriculum, the starting point was clear: Captain Steve Stryker’s Americans were matched with a younger team, but with pure world standards, and were clearly caught by Patrick Harrington’s Europeans who traveled to Wisconsin. With many players, to defend the 2018 title from Paris. Became Americans Ego-problem Rumor has it, considering the feud between Koepka and DeChambeau, the Europeans got another chance to defeat the Atlantic star team through team spirit and experience.

However, from the start, the Americans almost dominated the home soil – almost in the first match, bringing the Spanish pair of John Rahm and Sergio Garcia 3 & 1 to the blue side of the leaderboard. However, the hosts soaked the score in red and laid the groundwork for it Massive success. The Americans seemed to have succeeded in almost everything: Jordan Speed ​​could be the reason for this Beat of the Year And place the impossible ball from an almost vertical slope next to the stick. Bryson DeChambeau scored a Drive from over 400 feet Out. 3 to 1 said The first four sessions Friday morning of the Ryder Cup 2021. In the Straits curriculum, Rory McClory was particularly disappointed when he went out with Xian Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay with Ian Bowler 5 & 3.

Rory McIlroy with extraordinary weaknesses

In general, the Northern Irish Rider Cup was a shadow of their own in 2021, when they lost in three of the four games – for the first time in his personal Rider Cup history, they missed one match – not coming into the 16th hole. Winning the first individual since the final Sunday, the European team was already hopelessly trailing. Following the 3 & 2 win over Schauffele, McLroy gave an emotional interview Insight into his soul life. “I should have done more for the team this week,” the four-time big winner said with tears in his eyes and “was proud to be a part of the team.” – One of the most emotional moments of the year.

Four points difference after the first day

But back to the game feature: more Friday afternoon The Americans won the foreball session 3–1 and accordingly increased their lead to 6–2 – the biggest advantage since 1977, two rounds later. Tony Finaw shined with Harris English in his match and defeated the (northern) Irish pair of McLroy / Lori with 4. & 3. Two shared matches confirmed the European point, but there was no hope of catching up after 8 of 28 points: only twice in Ryder Cup history was there a four-point deficit.

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Brooks Copca insulted the referee

With this shortage it went on for a second day at Whistle Strait, where even the Americans were Third Session The previous day was won with the same result. Only the “Spanish Armada” Rahm / Garcia put themselves forward against the great power that emerged from the United States. Brooks Copca allowed a surprising surprise for the referees. He told the authorities, “If I break my wrist, it’s your full fault,” as the relief he sought was not forthcoming. In fear of his damaged wrist, the four-time big winner caused the excitement of the year.

But Copca was not the only one to make a negative appearance The fans missed the fair game. The pose against the Europeans, they cheered the failed blows and did not want to give the necessary respect to the good blows. In addition, there are no European fans on the site due to travel restrictions.

Sergio Garcia set the record

In Second day afternoon session In Haven, Wisconsin, the Europeans finally expressed the fighting spirit needed to bring Wisconsin’s desired miracle. But only two points from four games were too low to cut the lead in the end and there is hope for a realistic comeback. “We will not give up, we are going to fight to the end,” said Sergio Garcia, who set the record for most points thanks to his victories with Rahm in the Continental match between Europe and the United States.

DJ leads America to success

Thus the Captain Steve Striker team advanced to the final singles with a 6 point lead. But despite winning the first point McLroy and The We remember the 2012 Medina In terms of other scores, the Blues had little hope – the Americans dressed in red dominated the most. For example, 37-year-old “Dustin Johnson”, who was on the team, won all five of his matches and won the Ryder Cup on the first try after the PGA Championship and the British Open.

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The half-dozen players on the U.S. team were generally strong – with the exception of Morocco, Scotty Scheffler and Patrick Cantley were unbeaten – and fighters D’Sambov and Kopka were also involved in a fight for the team’s favor. The American stars played frantically, while the players on the European team weakened and rarely got their game on the Straits course. The event was a disaster for Patrick Harrington (“If the team loses, the captain loses – no matter how well he works”), who spoke privately about the importance of his competition ahead of the Ryder Cup. In view of this humiliation for Wisconsin and the growing era that could shape America’s young savages, reforms in the European team are urgently needed to get some chance at home in Rome in 2023.

German-speaking participation in the Ryder Cup

From a German-speaking perspective, this is the Ryder Cup premieres. Bernd Weisberger qualified for the prestigious competition for the first time, as well as being the first Austrian, but failed to convince the Whistling Straits. Bergenlander was used three times, but failed in all his matches. “I felt like I played better, my game is enough to make a difference this week. It’s disappointing that I did not do it,” he said. But who sees himself up to the task, After the personal defeat against Coppa, added: “This is still the best week of my life.”

Martin Gamer failed to qualify for this year’s Ryder Cup 2021 Supporting the European team, Captain Harrington finished second for the first time. Medmanner acted as a link between the team and the captain, glad to be there despite the failure. “I can not put into words how meaningful this week has been for me and how proud I am to be a European and to be a part of this European team.”