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The European Cup is in danger!  SK Rapid asks a question about quality - football

The European Cup is in danger! SK Rapid asks a question about quality – football

SK Rapid Wien must continue to shiver in order to participate in the European Cup next season.

In Hütteldorfer’s view, nothing came of the hoped-for third place, which would have meant permanent participation in the group stage. Fourth place, by which one would have entered the third qualifying round of the Conference League, was deprived of the Green Eggs.

Quite the opposite – the worst case happened on the last day of the match: Rapid must play after the 1:2 defeat away to Wydad (Match Report >>>At the end of the main group, enter the European Cup play-off.

Rapid dominated the match against Wydad aggressively for long periods, creating opportunity after opportunity, but only led 1-0 after Marco Grol’s goal in the 36th minute. In the end, a few seconds were enough for the Wolfsbergers to completely turn the game on its head.

shortness of speed

“You have to let that sink in,” Rapid coach Ferdinand Feldhofer explains after the match on Sky. Just like his players, the coach is at a loss as to how to deliver the match.

“It’s unbelievable how you can’t win or even lose this match,” Feldhofer said angrily. “It’s hard to find an explanation.”

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Kevin Wimmer explains: “Most of all, I feel sorry for our fans, who always give us their full support in every game. It’s so frustrating that we delivered it this way.”

Feldhofer: “Another downfall of the self!”

Rapid had enough chances, but the goals came from Wydad. “We have so many clear chances to score – it’s unbelievable! How can you not create such chances? It could have ended with a score of 2-0”, Wimmer cannot understand the defeat.

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“I don’t think you can start a game much better than what we did,” explains Feldhofer. “However, it’s somehow a self-fall that didn’t happen for the first time.”

This isn’t the first time Rapid has pulled butter out of their bread this season. “It goes all season long,” says Marco Grol. “We have the chances, we don’t take them. The opponent then scores the goal and it’s over for us. It doesn’t have to happen.”

Grüll: “The quality is clearly not high enough”

Are you not good enough? “The quality is clearly not high enough,” Grüll tries to get to the heart of the reason. “Because if it happens once, I say OK, but if we get it wrong ten times in the whole season, it has to be about quality.”

Feldhofer holds his players responsible: “I think everyone should take it on themselves. Then we can get out of the situation together.”

“There are two ways,” the quick coach explains, showing how to get back on track. “Either we accept that extra week and give up, or, I prefer it, we get up and have two great games.”

Rapid needs as a result of transformation

The European Cup opportunity is not over yet, with your victory in the final you will qualify for the second preliminary round of the Conference League. To do this, however, a hitch must be taken WSG Tirol or LASK.

But that would require a turnaround, with Rapid now waiting to win six games.

“We know there’s still a lot at stake,” says Kevin Weimer. “It’s just that we win the play-off and be in the Conference League.”

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