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The European Premier League plans to restart without permanent members

The European Premier League plans to restart without permanent members

Led by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus Turin, the Premier League, which failed in the spring, appears to be working on a restart. Contrary to what was initially planned, the new league will not have permanent members, but will “be 100 percent open”. This emerges from a concept paper that Wirtschafts Present.

The concerns of many fans, which largely led to the failure of the project, must also be incorporated into the new plans. The newspaper says: “For this reason we are committed to the fact that the proposed European League format eliminates the concept of permanent members and is open to European clubs.”

The league considers itself an alternative to the Champions League and wants to have it ready once the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has decided on the UEFA competition case. A ruling is expected next summer.

The Super League with 20 teams and a second league with 20 teams, which all clubs can qualify for, will be possible. Wirtschafts above the paper.

Premier League: More attention for fans and spectators

Spectators are given special attention. Fans must receive grants to travel to outdoor games. In the final match, 70 percent of the seats will be reserved for the fans of the finalists. For half fan tickets, prices should be limited to a maximum.

Twelve European clubs had published their plans to establish the Super League on the night of April 19. German clubs were not among them. Under great public pressure, the nine founding members gave up on this idea again.

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On the other hand, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the former CEO of Bayern Munich, considers the renewed attempt at the Premier League unrealistic. He finally said “The Premier League case is over, it’s dead. You won’t thrive again, that’s quite clear. It was a huge failure, the fans vote was obvious.”