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The European Union and the United States have called for a meeting with Hamdock on the Sudan crisis

In the wake of the military coup in Sudan, ambassadors from the European Union, the United States and other countries have been invited to meet with ousted Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdo. Hamdock’s return was mentioned in a joint statement by the EU delegation and the embassies of Germany, France, Great Britain, the United States and other countries. It has been announced that Hamdok will continue to be recognized as head of government.

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Abdullah Hamdock, the head of government who lost power

They also demanded the immediate release of illegally appointed ministers and civil society representatives. The military on Monday seized control of an East African country of about 44 million people. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who previously led an interim government with Hamdock, declared a state of emergency by announcing the removal of members of the civilian government.

Mass protests against the coup have been going on for days. In central Khartoum, protesters blocked the streets with stones and burned car tires. The airport, which is set to reopen on Wednesday, is separated only by a fence from the capital. The coup was strongly condemned by the international community. The EU threatened to withdraw its financial aid to the new rulers.

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