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Schongau: What Daniela Puzzovio experienced in the United States – Schongau’s second mayor presents his book

Daniela Puzzovio has lived in the United States for many years. Schongauerin has now written a book about his experiences – and was invited to a reading.

Skongaw – The courtyard of the Löwenhof café-restaurant is comfortable. There Schongau’s second mayor Daniela Puzzovio read from a recently published book “Please sit and wait.” First, Pussovio had a musical introduction to the United States where he lived for many years: the “Rain Dogs” trio played “Country-Blues-Sea-Bear-Polka-Gypsy-Style”, according to their own report. Music by Tom Waits. All three men took up guitar, double bass and electric piano with ease. The music may have called for some cool cocktails – but the temperature clearly speaks in favor of coffee or tea, which are loved around the world.

“Warming up” for almost 50 minutes before the deputy mayor speaks. And apologized to those who came “for the music” first. In his first book, Pussovio summed up his ten years of experience living in the United States. “Actually, I’m very attached to my homeland,” she began. “When I went to America for work, I thought it would be a year or two.”

Pussovio’s Way to the United States: The Second Mayor of Shanghai presents his book

The first episode took place in August 1999 while Puzzovio was on a plane. “Business Class: That was great! It was weird that I only had a one way ticket.

It was then that she realized she had been leaving Germany for a really long time. “What am I leaving out? Friends, family, my Munich and my Skongaw. Tears welled up. The first consolation served after the Cambori orange, was followed by the “best meal”. Soon the friendly Pussovio engaged in exciting conversations with fellow passengers. “So the six-hour flight went with a flash.”

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Pussovio, who was initially staying at a hotel by his company, went in search of an apartment at the first opportunity and was advised by a new co-worker to definitely look for a “good apartment area”. When she was confused, she was told that she should choose the preferred area for whites. The “multi-culture” she had in mind was rejected by her co-worker: “No American wants that! Or do you want to shoot …?”

The distribution of rental apartments was manageable because people in the United States were less likely to buy and rent primarily. But with four visits to the first weekend, that was the right thing to do. “I carried it straight – I moved with the air mattress and wool blanket,” Pussovio said. Because all the household goods in the Atlantic Ocean were still in the container. “Anyone who knows me knows: I want to move,” Pussovio continued. So, after a year and a half away from the surrounding area, she wanted to go straight to New York. But there was only one room apartment with wet room for $ 1,500 in Manhattan. “I stepped back and did my make-up in Manhattan.”

Daniela Puzzovio from Schongau describes looking for an apartment in the United States

But she found what she was looking for in Brooklyn, and thanks to her Italian ancestors she got a dream apartment because she struck the right note with the Italian landlord. It was “like my grandmother in Italy”: by this she was able to easily surpass many rivals.

But from New York they soon moved to New Jersey because Pussovio went into business for himself, and most of his clients were still there. Again, she got points when looking for an apartment with her extensive social contacts: the landlord and she had a mutual friend, who was practically the key to the new apartment door.

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“The German Ax-in-the-Forest Mood” was filed in the United States

The audience was delighted to hear his sober and simple presentation at Löwenhof. But then the second, extended volume of music continued, which served as the background music for the audience’s interesting conversations. “Of course I do not want to be with Germans abroad,” Puzzovio opened the next reading. She had to get used to the special way Americans communicate. She soon realized that her co-worker’s claim that “you are my new best friend” did not mean what it means to be a best friend in this country, nor does it mean that she is afraid of her co-worker’s “I love you.”

Between the reading volumes, the musicians of the “Rain Docs” band played to entertain the audience.

© Sabine Näher

But the American mentality of praising a lot of critical things must first be obtained. So she gradually removed her “German ax mentality in the woods.” Those who bravely opposed the tube temperature could learn more from Pussovio’s time in the United States that evening. Everyone else should see it in the book now.

From Sabine Closer

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