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The Expanse: A Telltale Series (Adventure) von Telltale Games

The Expanse: A Telltale Series: A Sci-Fi adventure has been announced

The science fiction universe of Expanse has had success as a book and television series (via Amazon Prime). Now you put your feelings into the gaming zone and want to publish an adventure with decisions and consequences. And what studios have made this mechanism socially acceptable? Right: Telltale Games and Deck Nine (including Life is Stranger: true colors).

These two adventure professionals are working together on The Expanse: The Telltale Series, which by the way is the first new brand Telltale has been working on since the studio restarted in 2019 — and the other project in production is a sequel to The Wolf Among Us, the first season released in 2014.

“One of our driving forces is enabling other creative voices to tell their stories the way previous genre-defining Telltale games did,” said Jamie Otelli, CEO of Telltale. “We are very impressed with the work of Deck Nine and are looking for an IP where we can create stories together. Expanse is a bloated world that both studios are really looking forward to exploring.”

The game takes place before the events of the TV series. Players will slip into the role of Camina Drummer, played by Cara Gee in both the show and the game, who is on a hunt for a mysterious treasure. You have to deal with many characters, deal with a bloody rebellion and, of course, in the best traditions of the respective developer studios, make difficult decisions, the consequences of which determine the fate of the Artemis spaceship and its crew.

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Since The Expanse is still in early production, Telltale Games has not provided any information yet about the release period. Only computers and main consoles are named as platforms.