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The fat comedian undergoes psychiatric treatment and sends a message to Oliver Bucher

The fat comedian undergoes psychiatric treatment and sends a message to Oliver Bucher

Comedy Fat vs. Oliver Bucher

A fat comedic slap in the face of Oliver Bucher would likely end in a court case. An assault charge has already been filed. And according to the current state of knowledge, the chances of conviction are likely to be very high. For a chubby comedian, that’s an almost certain punishment. Only the height seems unclear.

A letter of apology

Months after the incident, there are now new developments in the case. Once again, the Fat Comedy is trying to avoid making a direct apology to Oliver Pocher and thus convicting him in court. He told Bild that he had sent a letter to Bucher.

The comedian previously stated that he was not interested in a conversation. He also left his new apology unanswered so far. However, chubby comedies keep trying: “I have contacted Olly Bucher through my attorney and asked for an apology and I would also like to do it in person.

In that moment in Westfalenhalle, when so many pent-up things appeared to me, I was behaving completely wrong. Instead, I should have just made an “oral declaration” to Ole Bucher. I am now getting psychiatric help to see how the emotional outburst can happen.”


In addition to an apology, the social media star’s lawyer announced that he wanted help. Comedy Fat is now in contact with a psychiatrist who helps him deal with the situation. Together they will find out why the 23-year-old broke out like this:

“The fat comedian used to be a frequent victim of bullying because he was overweight, it all came to light in him when he saw the embodied symbol of other people being neglected: Olly Bucher. This is by no means an excuse, but an explanation for it. Psychological work has shown Indeed, however sinful and punishable the act, it brought psychological comfort to my client. Psychologically: the act was psychological!”

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Here you can see the message

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