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For the first time 2 crystals were connected

For the first time 2 crystals were connected

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Scientists have succeeded 2 time crystals to communicate with each other. This brings us one step closer to the goal of building quantum computers without complex cooling systems.

Natural crystals that repeat their structure im 3D space in all directions as it grows. Time crystals also change their state to regular time intervals And keep coming back to it Initial state return. You can think of it as an ice cube that continues to melt and then returns to its frozen state.

Time crystal phenomenon

Thus, the time crystals are constantly oscillating in repetitive motion, “tickling”. In theory, no power should be provided for this, which in fact is what It goes against the laws of thermodynamics. However, the time crystals that can be created are already activated.

2016 The principle of time crystals can be demonstrated for the first time. Google could create a time crystal in 2021 (More here). In 2021, a team of researchers was also able to contribute to a time crystal Room temperature Create. The crystal “beats” at this time were recorded on video:

Time crystals connection

There is now an international team of scientists from Lancaster University, Royal Holloway London, Landau Institute in Moscow, Aalto University in Helsinki I managed to connect 2 time crystals together. They published the results In the nature of the magazine.

I touched the two time crystals and a reaction occurred. They have become a system 2 separate countries Works. This lays the foundation for the use of time crystals in quantum computers.

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Time crystals as qubits

Those used in quantum computers qubit It is distinguished by the fact that it can hold several states at the same time. Only after measurement they decide in favor of one case or another.

By connecting multiple time crystals, they can be used as qubits. The advantage is that future crystal qubits can exist at room temperature, while current quantum computers need significant cooling.

In this rotary “refrigerator” helium-3 was cooled to -273.15 °C.

In the current experimental setup, however, the time crystals separated from Helium-3 . isotope created. Atoms are made for it 273.15 °C Cool, that is, just before absolute zero. This makes helium-3 a super liquid. This means that it becomes a liquid that does not have internal friction.

This creates a file Bose-Einstein condenser. In this, the rules of quantum physics prevail, such as entanglement of atoms (More here).

Quantum computers at room temperature?

This is also the case with qubits, which are composed of electrons, photons, or ions. Crystals that time but also in Room temperature Working, it could enable entirely new types of quantum computers in the future. Because the chandelier-like construction, which is known from the Google quantum computer, is basically refrigerator For a small quantum chip hanging at the bottom.