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The FIA ​​is now also calling Max Verstappen!

The FIA ​​is now also calling Max Verstappen!

( – Once the decision in Lewis Hamilton’s case was postponed to Saturday morning local time, there was already the next blow in Brazil. Because in addition to the Mercedes driver, Max Verstappen now appears to be in the sights of the FIA ​​commissioners.

Because of a scene at Parc ferme, Max Verstappen is now also in trouble


Verstappen and a Red Bull team representative should appear before the commissioners at 9:30 a.m. local time on Saturday morning in Sao Paulo (1:30 p.m. German time). The world championship leader is accused of violating Article 2.5.1 of the FIA ​​International Sports Code.

Article 2.5.1 states verbatim: “Only responsible officials are allowed to enter the Parc ferme (next to drivers; editor’s note). No commissioning, checks, alterations or repairs are permitted unless carried out by the personnel responsible or covered by applicable regulations.”

A video previously surfaced on Twitter showing Verstappen, right after qualifying in the Parc ferme, how he first touches the rear wing of his car and then Hamilton’s Mercedes. He must now explain to the delegates why he is doing this and what he wants to achieve with it.

There is a possible connection with Red Bull’s suspicion that Mercedes could cheat with a moving rear wing. The Trade publication “auto motor und sport” Report it first. Perhaps Verstappen wanted to check for himself if there was a difference between the two cars’ rear wings.

If he is found to have violated Section 2.5.1, he may also face a penalty. However, we do not know what the penalty might be in such a case.

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