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BAFTA: Four awards for the road movie "Nomadland".

The first: a call to monitor the borders and close the unvaccinated

As coronavirus numbers rise, stricter rules on people who are not immune and border controls are being discussed with neighboring countries in Italy. Regional politicians in particular are calling for restrictions on anti-vaccination opponents from the government in Rome so that there is no major lockdown next winter. “Ninety percent of Italians should not be monitored by the ten percent who do not understand the importance of vaccination and want to dictate their rules to the majority,” Giovanni Totti (Forza Italia), president of the Liguria region, wrote today on Twitter. .

Totti called for the regions to meet with Prime Minister Mario Draghi to discuss further measures before the fourth wave of the epidemic hits the country like other countries. In Italy, the color scheme defines the applicable CoV restrictions – currently all regions are white at the lowest level. However, the seven-day incidents are increasing.

According to a report by ANSA news agency, politicians from the Social Democratic Party have called for tighter border controls in hard-hit countries such as Austria. Participants in Italy, including tourists, must have tested negative, been vaccinated against the coronavirus, or recovered.

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