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The first small success at the climate conference

On the opening day of the United Nations Climate Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh (COP27), the first small success in one of the sticking points in the negotiations was announced. Today’s conference plenary agreed that financial assistance to poor countries to deal with climate-related damage and loss already occurring should be included as a separate item on the negotiating agenda at COP27 for the first time.

This shows “a sense of solidarity and sympathy with the suffering of climate-related disaster victims,” ​​Samih Shoukry, COP 27 President and Egyptian Foreign Minister, Samih Shoukry, told delegates from more than 190 countries.

Already promised financial aid

Meanwhile, he stressed that the negotiating point is not about “responsibility or compensation.” At the United Nations climate conferences, the fight against the causes of the climate crisis and measures to adapt to global warming take center stage. The industrialized countries have already promised the developing countries to provide regular financial assistance for this purpose.

However, developing countries and small island states have indicated for years that they are already feeling the effects of global warming more acutely than rich industrial countries. Therefore, they are asking for additional financial assistance from the industrialized countries in this field.

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