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The flight was delayed by a day in the United States for refusing to wear a mask

Overnight at the airport

The group opposes official requirements


The flight was greatly delayed as passengers refused to wear masks. (SYMBOL IMAGE)

In the United States, a passenger plane took off a day late because a group of young people refused to put on mouth masks for several hours. “It’s horrible (…) you can’t stand it,” one passenger described the situation on the plane to local American media.

The flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, was scheduled to land in the Bahamas on Monday and did not finally arrive in the Caribbean until Tuesday. The flight was initially delayed for several hours due to mechanical problems. According to local broadcaster WSOC-TV, 30 or more young people clashed with the group over the official requirement to wear a mouth mask. “You screamed and threw insults around you,” passenger Malik Banks said.

The student body does not like to wear masks

Boston High School students were on their way to the Caribbean to celebrate their graduation. After a night at the airport, they finally obeyed the crew’s instructions. No arrests were made, and according to media reports, all of the masked deniers came to the Bahamas.

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