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The French Prime Minister announces more reforms

The French Prime Minister announces more reforms

After raising the retirement age in France, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne wants to move forward with other reforms quickly. Bourne said today at a meeting of about 300 representatives of the ruling Ennahda party in Paris that she and her government are “determined” to speed up the reform process. The aim is to create a “fully functioning France”, to ensure “level playing field” and to “work” in favor of health care and education.

Despite protests from unions and opposition parties for months, President Emmanuel Macron had previously decided to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. After the reform was approved by the Constitutional Council, Macron signed the law and it is now in effect after being published in the French Official Gazette.

Representatives of trade unions and opposition parties reacted angrily to the swift signing and announced further protests. In a joint statement Thursday, the SNCF railroad employees’ trade unions called for a “Railway Rage Day.” Violent protests are expected on the occasion of Labor Day on May 1.

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