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The gastronomy of Taggenbrunn has been reorganized

The gastronomy of Taggenbrunn has been reorganized

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Tagenbrunn Castle near St. Fayt, known as a winery and event center, is facing a major change. Ten years after opening, the catering was outsourced and taken over by famous Slovenian caterer Martin Jezercic.

The Riedl family's Taggenbrunn Castle is famous for its 40 hectares of vineyards and culture. The multimedia collection “Periods” by Andre Heller is currently on display. Many concerts are held in the hall during the summer months. The wine and culture will remain in the hands of the Riedel family, as they now hand over the gastronomy and hotel to the professionals around Martin Jezerczyk from Slovenia. “We want to focus again on our core business, which is the production of watches,” Anton Riedel said. They saw that it was not easy to get employees, which is why the work is now left to specialists, Riedel says.

Tagenbrunn reorganization

Carinthia is not a new region for Jezeršek

Carinthia is not new territory for Martin Jezerczyk's family. As caterers, they took care of 15 events here last year alone. “Austria is not new to us, but running a restaurant and hotel here is a challenge, but we like challenges,” says Jezerczyk.


Martin Jezersek

Nothing will change for the staff already working at Taggenbrunn: “We are taking over the staff, but we are also bringing in some long-standing management staff from Slovenia, all of whom have already worked in Austria,” says the caterer.

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One hopes for a new set of guests

We hope for a new group of guests

The cooperation between the Riedl family and Martin Jezeršek aims to bring benefits to both parties: “We will continue to promote Taggenbrunn as a destination and strive to make the destination and the exhibitions as attractive as possible,” said Junior President Andreas Riedl. We are confident that the Jezeršek family can also bring a new class of guests to Taggenbrunn.

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