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The German railway strike also led to the cancellation of flights in Austria

The German railway strike also led to the cancellation of flights in Austria

As a result of the train drivers' strike in Germany, there are also cancellations and timetable changes in Austria today. The 24-hour strike at Deutsche Bahn began at 2 a.m. ÖBB recommends postponing flights to and from Germany. Constantly updated information is available on the website and “Scotty” timetable information. All Railjet flights between Vienna and Munich have been cancelled. Trains are operated by mostly private Westbahn.

Due to a strike by the German train drivers' union GDL, ÖBB trains to and from Germany can only run on a limited basis until 2 a.m. on Wednesday, according to the website. However, long-distance ÖBB trains via Deutsche Eck between Salzburg and Kufstein operate as scheduled.

RJX trains to and from Munich via Passau have been canceled on Tuesday and will run as an additional service to Salzburg with a BRB connection to Munich. ÖBB tickets are recognized by the Bavarian Regiobahn (BRB).

Regardless of the strike in Germany, the following ÖBB long-distance trains travel to/from Munich via Kufstein: EC 288, EC 286, EC 86, EC 84, EC 85, EC 87, EC 287, EC 289.

ÖBB long distance trains to/from Germany via Lindau are no longer available between St. Margareten/Bregenz and Munich. ICE trains to/from Germany start/end on 12 March. In Passau and Nuremberg. Night trains are affected by the strike today and in some cases tomorrow.

The ÖBB Sparschiene international train connection and standard tickets purchased last Sunday for journeys to/from Germany with a destination or originating station in Austria will be cancelled. Tickets are valid from now until March 19, 2024.

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According to ÖBB, customers who already have a Nightjet ticket to/from Germany with a destination or originating in Austria for an affected night train can also use the ticket on daytime services. Tickets are also valid from now until March 19, 2024 if purchased before March 10.

The strike is now the sixth labor dispute in a collective bargaining dispute with Deutsche Bahn (DB), which has been simmering for months. In the goods transport sector, the strike began on Monday evening at six in the evening. The crux of the matter is the union's demand for a 35-hour week for shift workers without financial losses. In a negotiation phase that lasted several weeks, Deutsche Bahn recently agreed to a proposal from external mediators stipulating 36 hours with full pay compensation. However, GDL refused.

The Hessian state labor court has discussed the ongoing train drivers' strike since Tuesday afternoon. In the end, the court rejected the railway's appeal in the second stage. The Frankfurt Labor Court had earlier rejected the company's urgent request for a temporary injunction against the strike directed by the train drivers' union GDL on Monday evening.

A strike by the GDL train drivers' union has led to major passenger restrictions on Deutsche Bahn's long-distance, regional and S-Bahn services since the early hours of the morning.