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Find the perfect photovoltaic system with advice

Find the perfect photovoltaic system with advice

red / i. In order to create the necessary energy transmission, special photovoltaic systems play a central role. But how big is my home’s photovoltaic system? Where do I have to register a PV system? Are there grants? Which competent electrician will install my pv system?

The first step for a new PV system: contact your grid operator. In the Ried region, this is often Energie Ried GmbH. The person in charge there is Harald Mitter, who has been involved in the installation of photovoltaic systems for years.

“Before the actual implementation, a personal consultation really makes sense,” Mitter knows from experience and explains why: “At the beginning it should be clarified whether the PV system can be installed at the site in question at all. A large increase in PV systems leads to stress on the power grid, which It is not yet designed in some areas to feed in all the PV systems that have been applied.”

If the installation of the photovoltaic system on site is technically feasible, the optimal size of the photovoltaic system will be determined in the consultation. And this is where Harald Mitter gives the crucial advice: “The optimal size of a PV system depends on your energy requirements. Unfortunately, in many cases very large PV systems are installed, which does not make sense from an economic point of view.”

Once the optimal size of the photovoltaic system has been determined, Energie Ried submits the financing application on behalf of the customer, installs the selected system and settles accounts with the financing agency.

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In addition to Energie Ried, several professional Innviertler electricians install PV systems.