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The Hubble Space Telescope is fully operational again

The Hubble Space Telescope is fully operational again

On October 25, Hubble problems began. Because synchronization remove NASA space telescope in Safe Mode.

After the alleged error was found, Hubble was gradually restarted. On the eighth of November,Advanced Camera for Surveys‘, one of the four science units, has been reactivated.

Since there are no other error messages from Hubble, the “3 . wide field camera“Run again. On November 29, I followed”cosmic origins spectrometer“Yesterday, December 6,”Space Telescope Spectrograph Imaging“Finally the last tool has been activated again.

Problem solved with software updates

Sync errors may be caused by a file Defective wiring of the control unit. The console generates synchronization messages and forwards them to the devices. If these messages do not arrive, the tools automatically switch to safe mode.

NASA is working on Software updatesto bridge the problem. These should recognize and compensate for the loss of the synchronization message so that the tools do not automatically go into safe mode. The first update for Cosmic Origins Spectrograph will be installed in mid-December. Other devices should get the new software in the coming months.

Hubble has been around until now 31 years Active and still working, despite mounting problems. Originally the plan was to pass Hubble through James Webb Telescope To replace it, which is supposed to start at the end of December. In the meantime, NASA appears confident that Hubble can survive for some time: “We expect the two space telescopes to work together for much of this decade.”

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