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Vitamin C deficiency: 4 signs and symptoms

Vitamin C deficiency: 4 signs and symptoms

Vitamin C deficiency is almost impossible in Germany. However, there are certain groups of people who need more vitamin C or have less ascorbic acid absorption. These include people with chronic intestinal diseases, smokers, and intensive care patients. Additionally, some medications and alcohol can increase vitamin C requirements.

Vitamin C deficiency: 4 signs and symptoms

1. Zahnausfall

Fortunately, this deficiency only occurs with severe vitamin C deficiency. Sailors in particular are accustomed to suffering from scurvy and the associated symptoms such as bleeding gums and tooth loss. Since small amounts of vitamin C prevent this, adults in Western industrialized countries are hardly affected by it. Only infants are still at risk, and as a result of vitamin C deficiency, they can have what is called Muller-Barlow disease Which affects bone formation and growth.

2. Poor wound healing

On the other hand, these symptoms can occur even with a slight lack of presentation. Because vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen included. Connective tissue protein not only makes our skin resilient, but also makes it resilient and plays a role in wound healing. If it is missing due to vitamin C deficiency, there is increased bleeding in the skin as well as poor and slower wound healing.

3. Susceptibility to infection

Due to its antioxidant effect, vitamin C serves the body as a so-called root catch. Thus it reduces oxygen stress in our cells and supports the immune system in stressful situations. It is therefore not surprising that a deficiency leads to an increased susceptibility to infection. In order not to get this far in the first place, you should be eating at least two servings of fruit and at least three servings of vegetables a day. This way you can easily meet your vitamin C requirements and ensure that your defenses remain intact.

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4. Fatigue and weakness

In addition to the more specific symptoms listed above, vitamin C deficiency can also manifest as diffuse symptoms. As with most nutrient deficiencies, when your body is deficient in vitamin C, fatigue, weakness, and a general feeling of malaise can occur. Since vitamin C deficiency is extremely rare and unlikely in Germany, you should contact your doctor if symptoms persist to clarify possible causes.

advice: Smoking increases your vitamin C needs. If you can’t quit smoking, you should definitely get enough vitamin C through your diet. Peppers, broccoli, kale, lemons, and oranges are especially good sources.

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