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The humanoid robot is making great strides in learning

The humanoid robot is making great strides in learning

Human-like robots are invading the production halls of car manufacturers. Recently, both BMW and Mercedes announced that they are now also Humanoid robots Test work. But not only there will they play an increasingly important role.

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Eve looks funny

robot Eve Looks a little different than Apollo, Figure 1 Or Optimus from Tesla. It has no delicate hands, just a very technical looking gripper. It does not walk on its legs either, but rather moves on wheels.

He has one for that Funny face, which flashes on the screen. In terms of futuristic design, the robot is not on the same level as the robots mentioned above. However, he can actually do a lot. 2 videos documenting the amazing thing Progress in learning For robot AI.

The first video was in February published. The second shows how the robot behaves after the update 6 weeks It was later developed further. He learned activities by observing people:

Cleaning and household help

It can perform tasks in multiple steps. For example, Eve can do things from one shopping bag Take them and put them in the correct storage lockers. The robot can also be used with rags or Scraps of plaster Handle and wipe up any spilled liquids.

The robot can also do difficult tasks that typically require a thumb, such as dismantling cardboard boxes. Also foldable Clothing Obviously it does not cause any problems for the robot.

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Eve's battery lasts for 6 hours

As with other humanoid robots currently making headlines, Eve has something in her Artificial intelligence model. These robots are not only used for specific tasks ProgrammedBut they learn through observation, like humans.

According to the Norwegian Manufacturer 1X She is Eve 1.86 metres Big and weighs 86 kilograms. Once fully charged, Eve can 6 hours Remains in service for a long time and at maximum weight 15 kilograms He carries. The robot can currently only be purchased for commercial purposes.

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Eve shows it Everyday life With robots it is completely conceivable. Maybe we will have such a household help in our apartment in the coming years.

Humanoid robots are currently seeing a lot of hype Technology companies Investing in technology. The company is also one of the investors in 1X OpenAIWho is behind ChatGPT.