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Apple must open up the ecosystem to competitors

Apple must open up the ecosystem to competitors

Not good news for Apple: If the EU has its way, the Digital Markets Act is “just the beginning.” EU Commissioner Thierry Breton said Apple must open its entire ecosystem to competitors.

Open Apple

“The next task for Apple and other big tech companies under the DMA is to open their doors to competitors,” Britton said, according to Reuters. And it doesn’t matter what type of device: “Whether it’s an e-wallet, browser or app store, consumers using an Apple iPhone should be able to take advantage of competitive services offered by a range of providers.”

DMA is still in progress

The EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) was created to target big tech companies like Apple and create a fairer operating environment for all competitors. The DMA became law in the European Union in November 2022 and will be implemented from May 2023, although it is still in the implementation phase. Breton told Reuters that EU regulations “encourage innovation without compromising security and data protection.”

There is no statement from Apple

Prior to the interview, Britton met with Tim Cook in Brussels, where the CEO likely reiterated the company’s arguments regarding security and data protection. Apple has not officially commented on this matter yet.

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