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The Iceland volcano eruption has already ended – the world –

The Iceland volcano eruption has already ended – the world –

No further eruptive activity could be detected

According to authorities, the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland has already ended. Icelandic Meteorologist Fedorstova wrote on Saturday that one can say that the eruption that began on Thursday has ended. No eruptive activity was observed during the drone flyby Friday afternoon, and seismometers have not detected any eruptive disturbances since then.

However, a risk assessment updated on Friday for the area on the Reykjanes Peninsula southwest of Reykjavik remains in effect as of Monday afternoon. The eruption, the third in the volcanic region since mid-December and the sixth since 2021, began on Thursday at 6:02 am (local time). Initially, lava came out of a crack in the ground estimated to be three kilometers long, and later covered several streets and an important hot water pipe, cutting off hot water supplies to the Sodornes area. Volcanic activity had already decreased significantly during Thursday.

However, hot water supplies in the area are likely to continue to be affected in the coming days. According to energy supplier HS Orka, a newly laid bridge tube broke late Friday evening amid the lava. Authorities and public utilities are working to restore service with new lines. According to HS Orka, this will likely take several more days. About 600 meters of new pipelines will need to be laid.